A higher standard of care


At Fairfield Equine, we proudly offer emergency and elective surgical services at our Newtown, CT location.  Our team of veterinary surgeons and support staff are deeply committed to excellent service, and we strive to provide unparalleled compassionate care to our patients at the highest level.  While hospitalized at Fairfield Equine, surgical patients receive around-the-clock care and attention from the surgical team.  From hospital admission through hospital discharge, we maintain open lines of communication with owners and our referring veterinarians to foster a united approach to each case.

Aside from our dedicated surgery team, we are also exceptionally fortunate at Fairfield Equine to be able to provide state of the art care due to our high-quality and technologically advanced surgical facilities.  Our spacious surgery suite is equipped with an equine surgical table, LED-surgery lights, and advanced surgical instrumentation for an array of orthopedic and soft-tissue procedures performed under general anesthesia, as well as standing procedures that can be performed with local anesthesia and chemical sedation.

Patients that are anesthetized for surgery are carefully positioned on our surgical table and receive constant monitoring and treatment throughout the duration of the procedure, including ventilation with 100% oxygen by an equine anesthetic ventilator and continuous intravenous fluids.  Anesthetic monitoring for our equine patients includes ECG, arterial pressure monitoring, and repeated blood-gas evaluations.

Following completion of the surgical procedure, patients are transferred to Fairfield Equine’s anesthetic recovery stall with deeply padded walls and cushioned floor, where they receive continued monitoring until the patient is deemed stable for assisted anesthetic recovery with head and tail ropes.

Horses that are presented to Fairfield Equine for surgery receive a thorough evaluation through which we develop a specific plan and approach for each individual case.  We never treat two cases exactly the same, and we strive to fulfill the individual needs and wishes of every client and patient.  As a patient at Fairfield Equine, you can rest assured that your horse will receive compassionate care provided by an exceptionally dedicated team.

Our experienced team is available 24/7 to take care of any horse’s surgical needs with care, technology, and the right tools to fit absolutely every need.

Fairfield Equine is now offering minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical procedures, including ovariectomy and cryptorchidectomy.

Fairfield Equine's board certified surgeons: