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Kimberly J. Harmon, VMD

Dr. Kimberly J. Harmon VMD of Fairfield Equine Services

Dr. Harmon grew up in Potomac, Maryland, where she developed her passion for horses through Pony Club and 3-Day-Eventing.

A 2007 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, she was the recipient the Patient Care Award, and the George M. Palmer Prize for promise in equine practice. After graduation, she chose to pursue her commitment to the care of horses by furthering her education. 

Dr. Harmon completed her internship in sports medicine, surgery, and diagnostic imaging with Fairfield Equine in 2008 and continued on as an associate.  

In 2018, she became an owner of FEA and now serves as the Managing Partner of the practice. Dr. Harmon has special interests in lameness and the equine athlete as well as the management of emergency cases. 

In her down time, she enjoys spending time with her husband Phil, and their 2 kiddos Benjamin and Kate.

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