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Amy Polkes, DVM, DACVIM

Dr. Amy Polkes of Fairfield Equine Services

Dr. Amy Polkes is a board certified Equine Internal Medicine specialist. Dr. Polkes received her Bachelor in Science from Cornell University and her degree in Veterinary Medicine from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine. She was in private equine practice for several years before continuing her training at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine with a residency in Large Animal Internal Medicine. In 2002, after completing her residency program, she established an Equine internal medicine mobile consulting practice in Maryland and Virginia as well as providing consultation for Antech Diagnostics on equine medicine cases. Dr. Polkes has now grown her referral practice, Equine Internal Medicine and Diagnostic Services (Equine imed), to provide mobile equine internal medicine services in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut . Her goal is to provide an alternative to referral institutions, allowing for evaluation at your farm or at your primary veterinarian’s facility.

The most common cases that are referred for an internal medicine consultation are: Respiratory disease – including poor performance, chronic cough and difficult respiratory cases. Gastrointestinal diseases- gastroscopy, weight loss, colic, chronic colic, other. Neurological disease- Comprehensive neurological evaluations, CSF taps. Ophthalmology-difficult ophthalmology cases. Cardiac- evaluation of murmurs, arrhythmia’s, PPE including echocardiography, ECG and holter monitor.

Dr. Polkes is also the Medical Director at Antech Diagnostics. She has helped to facilitate the expansion of Equine Diagnostic testing within Antech Diagnostics to provide more comprehensive and advanced equine diagnostic testing. She continues to work with Antech to offer quality and affordable diagnostic testing to equine practitioners and provide continuing education on equine diagnostic testing.

Dr. Polkes resides in Maryland with her husband (who specializes in small animal internal medicine), her 2 teenage children and her 3 dogs. She enjoys hiking, biking and skiing and spending time with her family at all of the various sports activities!

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