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Dr. David Da Silva, MV, DVM

Dr. David Da Silva DVM of Fairfield Equine Services

Born and raised in Portugal, Dr DaSilva was involved since an early age in many equine activities, from jumping to classical dressage.  He has always been fascinated by equine behavior and medicine, which led him to pursue a veterinary career. He graduated in Portugal in 2009, and then left his home country to work in an all-animal clinical in Angola Africa for a year and subsequentially to teach in the National University of East Timor for another year.

Pursuing his interest in equine medicine, Dr DaSilva finished an internship in Bosdreef Equine Hospital, a lameness referral clinic in Belgium. In 2013 he started a fellowship program with Fairfield Equine which led him to enroll in a residency in equine sports medicine and rehabilitation, which he is currently completing.

Dr DaSilva splits his time following his clients on the east coast, from Wellington to Massachusetts, at horse shows and home barn visits.

During his free time, he enjoys any outdoor activity, from scuba diving to hiking.

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